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  • Release time: 2022 - 07 - 05
    Drying System | Air Flow DryerThe drying line is composed of wet material feeding system,  hot air generating system,  drying system,  gas separation system,  screening cooling system and so on. After the wet material is dispersed, it merges with the clean hot air generated by the hot air furnace, and a strong mass and heat transfer process takes place in the pulsed air dryer, and the material is quickly dried. After the dry materials are sieved, airlifted and rapidly cooled, they are stored in the finished product bin for storage and packaging. The exhaust gas is dedusted ...
  • Release time: 2022 - 07 - 05
    Rotary Kiln Manufacturers | Rotary Kiln DryerWe provide process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and operation training for rotary kiln drying line of quartz sand, feldspar powder, fluorite powder and chemical fertilizer according to the needs of users. The drying line equipment is stable and reliable in operation, simple in operation and convenient in maintenance.
  • Release time: 2022 - 07 - 05
    Kaolin Dryer | Kaolin Drying Line We can provide users with process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation training for the complete set of kaolin drying production line. The key equipment for drying uses a special pulverizing dryer for kaolin, which is crushed, dried and classified together, with high yield and high thermal efficiency.
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According to the needs of domestic market, the 2 sets of new detergent powder developed after delivery are delivered smoothly to customers. The production line is characterized by low investment, convenient installation and operation, and suitable for users with small output all over the world.
Release time: 2017 - 03 - 16
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The company passed the high-tech enterprises again, and confirmed the audit.
Release time: 2017 - 02 - 28
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In June 18, 2016, the company received an authorization notice from the State Intellectual Property Office (State Intellectual Property Office) for the invention patent of the direct biomass fuel hot air furnace, including the high temperature purification device.
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 30
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Spray-drying converts a dry powder out of a liquid through rapid drying with a hot source. It transforms pump able feed from a fluid state into a dried particulate form by spraying it into a hot drying medium.It consists of an atomizer, air heater, drying chamber, air dispenser, feed pump, and powder recovery and exhaust air cleaning systems. The three stages that occur in a spray dryer are:1. Atomization2. Moisture evaporation and Spray-air mixing3. Dry product separationThe final product obtained after drying depends on:· The design & operation of the spray dryer...
Release time: 2022 - 09 - 21
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In April 24, 2017, a group of seven customers from Pakistan went to our company for business inspection. After friendly exchanges, they signed a major supply contract.
Release time: 2017 - 04 - 26
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